Trust-Centered Leadership

Trust-Centered Leadership is a model of leadership developed by The Brightspot Trust to respond to the ever increasing shift away from power-centric organizations and cultures to trust-centered ones.

With increasing demographic and psychographic changes in the modern workforce, widespread digital transformation initiatives, plus technological advances like automation and artificial intelligence that are radically changing the future of work and global competition, The Brightspot Trust has honed in on a defining type of leadership for the Imagination Age.  

Trust-Centered leaders focus on earning and building trust with the teams they develop and the customers they serve.  By utilizing the 4 Facets of Trust-Centered Leadership — Credibility, Consistency, Caring, and Connection — these leaders are equipped with the necessary skills to earn and strengthen trust and to effectively lead themselves, to lead others, and to lead at scale.  

Originally created by Lisa Lambert and developed alongside Rick Kitagawa, Trust-Centered Leadership is a daring way of leading in the 21st Century and beyond.