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We are facing the biggest leadership challenge of our time.

Leadership used to be about commanding authority, wielding power, and making things happen through force. 

The thing is, times are changing. In today’s knowledge economy, we need leaders that people choose to follow. We need leaders who flourish in ambiguity, then pave the way by asserting what to do. We need leaders who can enroll others on the journey of change. We need leaders that can include and unleash the diversity of their teams. 

The most successful leaders of today and tomorrow have shifted their posture to a different, more effective way forward: one centered in trust.

We need YOU to be a trusted leader.

Thriving organizations are built on trust.

Trust: nothing is more important to our survival. It’s a fundamental component of social capital. It’s the bridge to connection and collaboration. It enables us to be courageous and creative. It’s the most critical leadership asset of our time. 

Imagine an organization where people:

  • Keep commitments
  • Communicate with clarity and candor
  • Consistently show up, not off
  • Can depend on those around them
  • Enjoy the work they get to do
  • Are incentivized to do the right thing, not just the thing right
  • Act as a team, not an individual
  • Collectively create and innovate
  • Are given the tools AND the audacity to make change happen
  • Confidently make decisions and problem-solve across organizational divisions and layers
  • Cultivate the passion, purpose, and humanity of their employees and customers

These are attributes of an organization built on trust.

Trust-centered behaviours constitute a better way of doing business for all. And we need leaders like you to be equipped with the skills to earn, strengthen, and restore trust.

Become the trusted leader you were meant to be.

Trust-centered is a posture, a practice, a collection of real 21st century leadership skills that can be learned. 

Developing trust-centered leadership skills is not a passive process. It’s not a 2-day off-site retreat jam-packed with theoretical concepts and bad coffee where you forget 95% of the content the next day. 

Our curriculum is hands-on. The Trusted Leader Lab is a practical online workshop designed to help you develop the most critical leadership asset today: the ability to earn, strengthen, and restore trust. 

Without guidance and structure, it can take a lifetime to haphazardly develop these crucial 21st century skills. 

The Trusted Leader Lab accelerates your leadership transformation, equipping you with the competence and confidence to fast-track your career trajectory. It offers a supported context for you to learn, develop, and practice real trust-centered skills and approaches to help you succeed and define the future of work. 

It’s a practical process intentionally designed with time to apply what you learn, to reflect on your learnings, to progressively learn and practice stackable leadership skills, to see and step into new possibilities, and to convene with coaches and peers committed to your success. 

The Lab coursework is anchored in trust-centered principles and flexible frameworks that help you better lead yourself, lead another, and lead at scale. It provides a potent context for you to learn the leadership skills of tomorrow that will help you build a thriving organization and deliver meaningful results. 

The Trusted Leader Lab includes:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous online programming delivered in three, 5-week modules that progress you through stackable trust-centered skills
  • Small cohort sizes giving you plenty of opportunities to interact with your Leadership Coaches and your peers
  • Weekly practical projects while in session, giving you flexible frameworks that you can adopt in your own context
  • An accountability group to support your success
  • Intentional spacing in between modules so you can focus on living what you’ve learned and honing your skills
  • Fully remote, making it convenient to engage in the program wherever you are
  • Multiple ways to consume the content via a mix of captioned videos and transcripts, written prompts, and resources
  • Live weekly virtual workshops, group coaching sessions, and peer interactions while in session
  • The use of digital tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive to convene with coaches and peers synchronously and asynchronously
  • 1 private coaching call/module to focus on what really matters to you

This is not your typical (or boring) professional development

The Trusted Leader Lab is focused on learning, not education. We’re not here to preach while you passively consume. We’re here to enroll you and stretch you thru an effective process that will accelerate your leadership development through practice, supported by coaches and a community committed to your success. We’re here to help you pick yourself as you learn to lead yourself, lead another, and lead at scale.

The Lab consists of practical training intentionally delivered across three practical 5-week modules, designed with time for you to apply your learnings. It’s a journey, progressing you through crucial leadership skills that stack. 

Read more about how the Trusted Leader Lab works.

Trust and leadership start with you. Develop the foundational skills to lead and trust yourself.

Build on your strong foundation and develop trust-centered partnership skills to better understand, relate, and collaborate with another. 


Take your trust-centered leadership practice to new edges by honing your skills to connect, enroll, inspire, and lead at scale.


You'll learn and practice Trust-Centered Leadership skills like:

• Integrity
• Honesty
• Accountability
• Reliability
• Consistency
• Being respectful
• Pro-active communication
• Overcoming impostor syndrome
• Prioritizing what matters
• Continuous improvement
• Focus
• Understanding cognitive bias
• Decision-making
• Coach-ability

• Setting boundaries
• Giving great feedback
• Receiving feedback
• Bravery
• Vulnerability
• Navigating ambiguity
• Measuring what matters
• Understanding different worldviews
• Conflict resolution
• Coaching others
• Compassion
• Direct communication
• Sound judgment
• Influencing others

• Facing fear
• Trusting others
• Building teams
• Going first
• Developing a first-rate reputation
• Integrating multiple perspectives
• Creating spaces of belonging
• Collective problem-solving
• Delegating
• Empowering and unleashing others
• Storytelling
• Public speaking
• Selling
• Enrolling others in change-making

Who is The Trusted Leader Lab for?

The Trusted Leader Lab is not for hacks or people who want a quick fix. It’s not for those looking to register for a passive MOOC and maybe complete it.

It’s for doers who want to make a difference. It’s for people who see leadership as a journey, not a destination. It’s for people who want to learn by doing, to learn by leading. It’s for people who believe leadership is independent of title. It’s for people who are ready to embrace a new way to lead so they can step into their potential and unleash the potential of others.

Register on your own or with your boss and team. All-star teams are trust-centered teams. And yes – we offer a group rate.

Ready to get started?

Become the leader the worlds needs.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in our framework that if you have gone through an entire module, shipped all of your projects, and you still feel like The Trusted Leader Lab wasn’t effective, email us at and we’ll happily refund 100% of your registration. 

Wait! Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what past students have to say…

After participating in the course, I am better able to leverage my inner impostor rather than retreating...The course is equal parts information, reflection and challenge. I recommend the Trusted Leader Lab to anyone who does not want to go the course of growing themselves as a leader alone.
Shannon Weber
Founder & Director, PleasePrEPMe/UCSF
The Trusted Leader Lab was an outstanding experience. I came away with a new language to help articulate what makes remarkable leaders stand out and why others fall short... I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some thoughtful, tactical modalities to becoming a more trusted leader.
Jamie Kirwin
Senior Manager, KPMG
Most of us decide early on in our lives whether or not we are leaders – because we tell ourselves that leaders are born, not made. TLL proves that leadership is a skill...This program isn’t just for leaders – it’s for anyone looking to grow and learn.
Yash Tekriwal
Founder, LifeSchool
After the workshop, I feel more confident that I can become the kind of leader, the best version of myself I know I can be...most of the breakthroughs came from a combination of interactions with my cohorts as well as digging deep in the question prompts. I also enjoy the hard questions and coaching from Rick and Lisa; they make me think about solutions beyond the surface level and dig at the essence of being a trusted leader.
Eve Skylar
Freelance Art Director

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