We're on a mission to change our world for the better by developing and empowering trusted leaders, organizations, and communities.

Spotlight Trust

The founders of the Trusted Leader Lab and Trust-Centered Leadership

To successfully navigate our fast-changing world, we need to change – as leaders and as organizations.

Change isn’t about power, authority, or brute force. We know this first-hand. Through tens of thousands of hours of work with leaders just like you, we’ve seen a different way forward than the typical power-driven, slow-moving, and hierarchical culture so many leaders and organizations create, often because they don’t know there is a better alternative.

Change happens when there is trust.

Based on years of working directly with good (and terrible) leaders, and working as consultants, facilitators, and leadership coaches, we’ve developed our practical, repeatable framework to cultivate the skills of a trust-centered leader and organization that is supported by preeminent research in the fields of organizational management, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, sociology, and psychology.

Spotlight Trust brings a unique blend of practical frameworks with soft skills, fun with rigor, and empathy with creativity. Our work has been integrated into Seth Godin’s flagship altMBA program, and has been used by founders, executives, and leaders from around the world to work through their impostor syndrome, build confidence in their approach, productively connect with colleagues, and become the leaders they’ve dreamed of becoming.

We've worked with leaders from:

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Deloitte, eBay, and other past clients.

The Brightspot Trust is run and founded by Lisa Lambert of Rule Number Six and Rick Kitagawa of Kaiju Coaching. After coaching thousands of leaders individually as well as through Seth Godin’s altMBA, The Freelancer’s Workshop, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop, and The Real Skills Conference, Lisa and Rick have combined forces to bring a practical framework for developing trust to leaders and the great organizations that rely on those leaders.

Lisa Lambert
Lisa Lambert
Rick Kitagawa
Rick Kitagawa