Testimonials from past students

“The Trusted Leader Lab brings together a diverse mix of bright minds devoted to personal excellence in leading. After participating in the course, I am better able to leverage my inner impostor rather than retreating. I have set actionable goals for continued forward motion on my leadership path. The course is equal parts information, reflection and challenge. I recommend the Trusted Leader Lab to anyone who does not want to go the course of growing themselves as a leader alone.”

-Shannon Weber, Founder & Director, PleasePrEPMe/UCSF

“Most of us decide early on in our lives whether or not we are leaders – because we tell ourselves that leaders are born, not made. TLL proves that leadership is a skill. Not a birthright. And you can learn it alongside a group of amazing folks like you who want to be the best version of themselves. This program isn’t just for leaders – it’s for anyone looking to grow and learn.”

-Yash Tekriwal, Founder, LifeSchool

“The Trusted Leader Lab was an outstanding experience. I came away with a new language to help articulate what makes remarkable leaders stand out and why others fall short. The collaborative workshop learning style helped me contextualize the areas I aim to develop in my own leadership style in an environment where my cohort is struggling with similar challenges. I enjoyed the valuable “ah-ha” moments identifying how I can level up my approach toward the ultimate goal of becoming a trusted leader. Rick and Lisa have a powerfully effective dynamic in their coaching approach – I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some thoughtful, tactical modalities to becoming a more trusted leader.”

-Jamie Kirwin, Senior Manager, KPMG

“Lisa and Rick are great at explaining the concepts of leadership and prompting great discussions. The Trusted Leader Lab leads to a fantastic exploration of people’s personal experiences with leadership and their goals to improve. This produces actionable steps to further goals with regards to leadership. The time commitment is commensurate with the value, and if you can bring focus and presence to the sessions and assignments, then it’s worth it. I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet and interact with the other participants and learn about their experiences with leadership and how that could be applied to my life.”

-Graham Ballachey, Professional Engineer and Independent Consultant

“I got a lot out of self-reflection, feedback, and actionable goals from completing the first week’s project. The worksheet helped me identify areas of growth in building credibility and trust as a leader. The concepts created a clear framework, allows me to confront my different impostor syndromes, and form applicable skills and tools to level up. After the workshop, I feel more confident that I can become the kind of leader, the best version of myself I know I can be. I enjoyed getting to know and group discussions with both my accountability house as well as the larger chats; most of the breakthroughs came from a combination of interactions with my cohorts as well as digging deep in the question prompts. I also enjoy the hard questions and coaching from Rick and Lisa; they make me think about solutions beyond the surface level and dig at the essence of being a trusted leader.”

-Eve Skylar, Freelance Art Director

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience participating in the Trusted Leader Lab (TLL). Engaging with individuals across different industries, regions and backgrounds was of particular interest to me. As a result of the lab, I’ve identified a set of leadership skills to focus on and an actionable plan to improve those. I would recommend the TLL to anyone who is looking to move into leadership or build on their existing capabilities.”

-Tyler Murdoch, Associate Account Manager – Auto Finance Group, Royal Bank of Canada

“The Trusted Leader Lab is such a great in depth dive into leadership. I especially enjoyed the discussions around credibility and posture when presenting yourself as a leader. While discussing these topics with the group of fellow leaders I learned more about myself, and also about other ways I can show up for my team. This is truly a one of a kind leadership course that will challenge your perceptions of what it means to be a leader, and not just a manager.”

-Shane Delaney, Senior Account Manager/ Financial Controller, Foster’s Food Fair, Ltd.

“I love the systemic approach Lisa and Rick developed for trust, and how it can be applied to just about any situation I’ve run into. The challenge with a concept like leadership is that the idea can mean different things to different people. They break it down in a way unique to each participant’s needs that is grounded in life experience and backed by research.”

-Mark Danylchuk, Account Executive, Simnet Inc.

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