Module 2: The Trusted Partner

Trust-Centered leaders are capable of earning, strengthening, and even restoring trust with the teams they captain and the customers they serve.  Versed in the Five Facets of Trust-Centered Leadership (Clarity, Credibility, Consistency, Caring, and Connection), these leaders are equipped with crucial and practical skills to effectively lead themselves, to lead others, and to lead at scale.

The second module of the Trusted Leader Lab is called The Trusted Partner.

Now that you’ve become a Trusted Leader in the first module, the second module of the Trusted Leader Lab focuses on the practical skills and habits needed to lead others.  This module will cover:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Giving great feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Bravery
  • Vulnerability
  • Navigating ambiguity
  • Measuring what matters
  • Understanding different worldviews
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching others
  • Compassion
  • Direct communication
  • Sound judgment
  • Influencing others

The Syllabus

Our schedule looks like this:

Week 0 – Onboarding

In this half-week, we’ll meet together, get familiar with the Trusted Leader Lab process and pacing, get to know the cohort more and meet our accountability teams, refresh ourselves with the technical set-up, and set ourselves up for success for the next month.

Week 1 – Credibility

In the first content-focused week, we’ll look into boundaries, relationships with those we lead, and how to create a healthy environment for feedback to thrive.

Week 2 – Consistency

We will examine bravery and vulnerability’s roles in building your consistency as a leader, as well as how choosing meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) can significantly improve how you lead, how others are led, and how you deliver outcomes that matter.

Week 3 – Caring   

This week we’ll create practical frameworks for understanding differing worldviews and being more compassionate, and why this is so crucial to leading others in the modern workplace.

Week 4 – Connection

In our final full week of Module 2, we’ll dive into trickier concepts like value and judgment and explore how they fit into building trust with others.  We’ll also explore direct communication and how it drives connection with your team.

Week 5 – Offboarding

As we exit the module, in this half-week we will focus on tools and resources to support the new leaderships skills you’ve learned and how to integrate them into your existing toolset.

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